A women's leadership retreat like no other.

The Beyond the Business Suit Retreat, led by Kailei Carr of The Asbury Group, is a leadership retreat designed to help women of color experience soul-stirring, transformative personal and professional growth.


Highlights from our 2019 Retreat

Our inaugural Beyond the Business Suit Retreat took place March 15-16 right outside of Atlanta, GA. We had close to 80 women of color who came to "Pause, Recharge, Level Up" and connect with other women leaders of color. Here are some highlights from our inaugural retreat.


Day 1 of the Beyond the Business Suit Retreat began with a focus on "Pausing." With activities designed to become more centered like yoga, meditation, massages, facials and more, the women who attended were able to relax and reconnect. During the day, the attendees were separated into smaller groups where they experienced immersive group coaching sessions with coaches that helped them gain clarity on their gifts, values, limiting beliefs and what was no longer serving them.



After taking a moment to pause and get centered, there were moments throughout the retreat to recharge energy and connect with the other attendees. From movement rituals and exercises to a fun dance party, attendees were able to fill their cup and left recharged and ready for the world. 

Level Up

Day 2 of the Beyond the Business Suit Retreat consisted of inspirational, yet action-oriented keynote sessions, skills-building masterclass sessions and a panel discussion, all from some of the brightest minds in women's leadership development. Attendees walked away with action steps to take their lives and careers to the next level. 

What Attendees Said About the Beyond the Business Suit Retreat

Become the leader you were created to be. Join us at the 2020 Beyond the Business Suit Retreat.


About Us

Kailei Carr

The Beyond the Business Suit Retreat is founded by Kailei Carr, CEO of The Asbury Group, sought-after speaker, executive coach and the host of the Beyond the Business Suit podcast.  

A champion for women in leadership, Kailei has built her business around helping ambitious women show up as the best version of themselves with the ultimate mission of helping women ascend to senior leadership. Her coaching, consulting and transformational programs have helped women leaders thrive personally and professionally.  

After meeting so many ambitious "superwomen" who seemed to be great on paper, but were actually frazzled and overwelmed, Kailei developed the Beyond the Business Suit Retreat. This retreat aims to provide ambitious women of color the necessary tools to help them have the lives -- including careers -- they deserve.

Want to contact Kailei? Email her at kaileicarr[at]groupasbury.com

The Asbury Group

The Asbury Group is the host organization behind the Beyond the Business Suit Retreat. At The Asbury Group we say, "we see you." We see our clients' potential and the incredible, powerful people they were created to be. We believe that in order for one to undergo true professional growth, they must first have a strong foundation through personal development. Through our interactive workshops, leadership programs and executive coaching and consulting services, we help our clients grow and develop from the inside out.  

If you are an organization, let us help your employees become the best leaders they can be. If you are leader or emerging leader, let us help you become and show up as your best self. Contact us today and see what we can do for you. Learn more at www.groupasbury.com

Become the leader you were created to be. Join us at the 2020 Beyond the Business Suit Retreat.

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